Presence of Italian Graffiti

The word graffiti is an Italian word which derives from the word graffito which basically means to scratch or scribble. It was first used to describe ancient Roman inscriptions on the walls, but now in many countries the plural… Continue reading

Walls in the Clouds

Traveling through different countries brings different experiences. Some people enjoy the food more than the tourist attractions and other people like to to spend their vacation lying on the beach with their swimsuits on… Continue reading

Yellow Lined Italy

TIPS ON HOW TO TRAVEL LIKE TOURISTS IN ITALY When you think of Italy what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably pasta, pizza, badly constructed Pisa tower and a… Continue reading

Greek soul with a strong passion for knives

If you ever worked at a restaurant, a bar, a grocery store or any other kind of job you chose just to pay for the rent, you should have learned that people working… Continue reading

Tai Chi, Steamed Buns but No Tea?

I remember well the end of the year of 2007. That’s when I visited Beijing, China for the first time. It was December, chilly weather, yet not below minus, but I felt the… Continue reading

Beautiful China in the night time

Some marvelous shots of China in the night time.

Ride around the Lugu lake

If you are visiting Yunnan and Sichuan Province in China and are in the mood to get fit, I recommend you to take a bike-ride around the Lugu lake (泸沽湖). If you go… Continue reading

People of China: At work (Part 2)

When you travel around China, it  doesn’t matter if it’s urban or rural area, there’s one thing that you will never miss – working people. People cleaning streets, family working at their tiny restaurants,… Continue reading

People of China: At work (Part 1)

Some people might disagree but China is probably the best example of how people with different cultural backgrounds get along really well with each other. Of course there are exceptions in Tibetan Autonomous Region… Continue reading

Two modern Chinese photo-stories of Daily Life

Sometimes pictures tell more than the words. Chinese elderly people playing outside games. It was taken in Baisha village in Yunnan Province, 2012 Unknown children helping older man with gardening. I caught these… Continue reading

Tibetan life: Survival tips for the first visit

If you ever decide to travel to Tibet, but you think it’s too much paperwork and too expensive, I recommend you to visit Southwest China instead. There you can easily find Tibetan villages… Continue reading

Food sharing in China

In western countries, we are used to having one dish for each person, but in China people are used to ordering many dishes and sharing everything together. In some parts of China it… Continue reading

Indian lawyer from Jaipur, Rajasthan

I met Shobhit Agarwal in Denmark, 2009 in a hostel where the owner held a party for the guests, or correctly said – was trying to sell cheap beer for much higher price, however everyone… Continue reading

Animals and other species of China

While you travel in China through residential or rural areas it is hard to not notice that Chinese people adore all kinds of creatures. Some of them are owned as pets, others are… Continue reading

Flowers in China

While travelling in China 2012 I found many interesting plants, but flowers attracted me the most. Flowers from: Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibetan areas. [Photos by M.Borgarbúi]

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